Transmission of Divine Energy

TransmitterTransmitter - Distribution of energy emanating from Planetary Logos
As many of those reading this short discourse know, from impressions emanating from Hierarchy and the Soul, the spiritual landscape is undergoing a significant change. This change is marked by the global events witnessed by humanity and is evidenced by an increase in conflict and crisis. This offering is not a reiteration of what may be found in the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, it is an outline for those who are approaching the inner chambers of the One Initiator and are ready to accept the Rod of Initiation.

As stated on our welcome page, there is a new consciousness that is being experienced by humanity. This consciousness opens the door to humanity’s role as an integrative point of light centered within the seven spiritual kingdoms. A primary aspect of this enlightened position is that of the “transceiver,” a phrase seldom heard or expressed by the spiritual communities upon the earthly plane. The transceiver is the emergence of the personality from its desire bodies into a Soul-infused reality led by compassion, right human relations, and service to humanity from an all-inclusive group perspective.

As each member of the New Group of World Servers establish their role within the Ashram, with which their group is aligned, expanded capabilities are awakened. These capabilities, which we refer to as becoming a transceiver, are clearly defined in the Ageless Wisdom teachings provided by of our loving brother, the Tibetan (Master D.K.) and are the very foundation on which Agni Yoga is forged. Let it be known that no human can teach the esoteric knowledge necessary to awaken these abilities, it is only acquired through the dedication of the personality to become Soul-infused and a willingness to sacrifice the desires generated by the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, thereby emerging the student into an expanded state of consciousness and the conscious distribution of the energies emanating from the heart of Hierarchy and the Council Chamber of Shamballa.

The esoteric definition of what we refer to as a transceiver is provided by the Tibetan, “Aspirants and disciples should remember that after the third initiation, the effects of the initiation which they may be undergoing are not confined simply to the individual initiate, but that henceforth at all the later initiations he becomes the transmitter of the energy which will pour through him with increasing potency at each application of the Rod. Each time a disciple achieves an initiation and stands before the Initiator, he becomes simply an instrument whereby the planetary Logos can reach humanity and bring to men fresh life and energy.” (TSR, R&I page 690)