• Planetarylight

    A global portal designed to assist the New Group of World Servers in anchoring the energies of "Right Human Relations" into the earthly plane.
  • Divine Sophia

    The blessed Sophia emerges from the Midst, sparking the light within and illuminating the Lighted Way
  • Sacred Geometry

    The Order of Melchizedek steps through the veil, offering a new approach to the teachings of sacred geometry. The key word sounding forth is "Faith".
  • The Book of Knowledge

    The divine truth resides within the Soul, external teachings are often found to be fragments and illusionary.

Welcome to Planetary Light internet site, a point of light for the members of the New Group of World Servers, providing meditations, techniques, and guidance for the beginner, intermediate and advanced disciple.

Planetary Light is adjured by the Ancient of Days, the Brotherhood of the White Lodge, and the Spiritual Hierarchy of planet earth to provide relevant, meaningful, and truthful information that will assist humanity in the transition into the New Earth narrative.

That which had meaning, and relevance six months ago,Meditation World Service requires a revised approach in order to accommodate the new energies pouring forth upon the earthly plane and the transformation taking place within the seven spiritual kingdoms. Humanity’s invocation has reached a point of critical mass ushering in the new teachings that have laid hidden in the hearts and minds of humanity.

We have taken much of the original content, initially posted on this site, and are presenting it in a unique perspective to accommodate the new consciousness being experienced by humanity. This consciousness will be presented from the perspective of humanity’s role as an integrative point of light centered within the seven spiritual kingdoms.

This point of light places a great responsibility on the shoulders of those willing to act as emissaries of light, while being overshadowed by the force emanating from Shamballa and that of the Planetary Logos. The role of an emissary embodies the concepts outlined in the teachings of the New Group of World Servers while exemplifying the divine “DID” factor, ( Detachment, Indifference, and Dispassion ) as an “Observer” and not a “Participant” in the personal and collective dramas unfolding in the phenomenal world of the fourth kingdom.

Those working in this field of endeavor are given explicit instructions, “from on high”,  in the fulfillment of their mission. These instructions include, first and foremost, a true willingness to be of service to the four lower kingdoms, with guidance from the three higher kingdoms, a willingness that will surface once the individual has consciously removed the tethers of glamour and illusion and achieved a balanced purity of motive, a loving heart, a spiritually vibrant mind, and a compassionate approach to all life, anchoring a garment of Light upon their Being.


Ponder on this statement; “The Holy of Holies, charges not for the wisdom radiating from the Center of All Love. This wisdom is given freely that humanity might live life “More Abundantly”.

Meditations - Soul-Infusion

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Our Core Values

These are spiritual values, inspiring the conscience and the consciousness of those who serve to create a better way of life.

  • essential for a just, inclusive and progressive society;
  • recognition of the rights and needs, of all.
  • based on active goodwill and the principle of right human relationships;
  • for group, community and national affairs;
  • through the sacrifice of selfishness. Only what is good for all is good for each one.