The establishment of a New Group of World Servers

We offer the following elements in the development of a firm foundation for a New Group of World Servers.

  1. A firm commitment and willingness on behalf of each group member to align their personality with the group’s primary objective, Unity, Right Human Relations, Brotherhood, and Goodwill. Once this is established, within the group, a loving energy will naturally flow from its center into the hearts and minds of humanity. Let this commitment expand into being a conscious member willing to make time in their daily lives to attend and participate in all scheduled meetings, as this is an important aspect of creating group synthesis.
  2. Inclusivity: All members of the group provide a unique aspect of the divine and have an important role in the establishment of the group’s vibration, purpose, and radiation of light. Let Love guide the group as it establishes itself and identifies its core strengths, applying these strengths in the fulfillment of their desired sphere of activity (area of service).
  3. From the group a leader is appointed who will assist the group in the creation of its center. This center will be a physical expression of the Ashram of Light originating from the heart of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The establishment of these Ashrams of Light will magnetize an overshadowing of the Master/Chohan of a particular Ray allowing the group to act as instruments for the distribution/dispensation of energy emanating from the Spiritual Hierarchy.
  4. As the group establishes this magnetic alignment with one of the Ashrams of Light on the Cosmic etheric planes, contact with one of the Masters disciples will be made and an energetic stream of light will begin to flow through the group. These energies are specific to the group and not available to those still operating from a personal program of self-realization.
  5. As the group process evolves and cohesiveness is achieved, each member will begin to develop a telepathic rapport with other group members and the need to gather will eventually be negated. Such groups are present on the earthly plane and are assisting in the fulfillment of the divine plan.

May the Light and Love of the Group Soul radiate from the center of your newly established Ashram.