Weaving the Quaternary into a Strand of Loving Energy - Alignment

Introduction - Sensitivity - Head, Heart, and Throat Activation 

Through the experience of initiation, the disciple acquires an expanded sensitivity to light, sound, color, and vibration. Accompanying this sensitivity is a heightened intuition and an ability to discern subtle impressions emanating from Hierarchy. As each consecutive initiation is taken, a greater sensitivity to these elements become evident, the impressions are more radiant, and the disciple is shown an expanded view of the Plan. Often this expanded view will be accompanied by insights useful to the fulfillment of the initiate's part in the Plan. Such is the case with the following practice.

Our loving brother, the Tibetan, provides a clear and precise concept to the connection and anchoring of the divine Self (Ego) through the alignment and fusion of the lower forms. (Letter 1, Occult Letters on Meditation. AAB) As the initiate works to purify and align these lower forms, the throat, heart, and head centers become unified forming a unique triangle that enables them to be conscious transceivers of divine energy/force.

In the following technique we offer a practice that assists in the process of alignment and fusion of the lower forms and the throat, heart, and head centers, using the sacred word, the invocation of the spiritual Triad, and the use of music enhanced Solfeggio frequencies. Through this technique the initiate can create a whole-body resonance that supports the fusion of the lower forms into “One Strand of Loving Energy”. This process will also have a profound effect on the seven head centers, assisting in the enhancement, expansion, and strengthening of the antahkarana, leading to the conscious connection to the Monad and the anchoring of Shamballa consciousness.

Therefore, our goal is to weave the fourfold lower system into a single strand of loving light, in preparation for Soul-infusion, the overshadowing of the Monad, and the introduction of Shamballa Consciousness.

This practice is not meant to replace the esoteric teachings of constructing the antahkarana, they are to be utilized as an adjunct.


  • Items needed for this technique include:
    Solfeggio frequency 639hz - FA - Color of Green - This is the resonant frequency, keynote, of the Earth, as identified and expanded upon by our loving brother, the Tibetan, in the Ageless Wisdom teachings.
    audio playing device
    headphones or earbuds
    japa mala - Used to count repetitions of the mantra, 108, 54, or 27. (Optional)

  • Instructions:
    In our initial, Path of Return, meditative practice the focus was on clearing and aligning the lower forms using the sacred word coupled with music enhanced frequency. We offered the student an opportunity of using OM or AUM to determine which sacred word they were aligned with and establish a point from which to work.

    Place yourself in a sitting position with feet crossed. By crossing your feet, you close the loop in your energetic field, allowing full integration of the frequencies that you will invoke and experience during this meditative practice.

    Listen to the provided streaming audio frequency, preferably through headphones. Allow the fourfold bodies to align with the music enhanced 639hz frequencies by sitting in quietness for five minutes and listening.

    When the five minutes have expired, continue listening to the music enhanced 639hz frequency and begin toning the mantram OM, continue verbally sounding the sacred word in short, measured intervals. As you sound the mantram, be aware of vibrational shifts and any changes within the body, with close attention to the vibrational patterns that develop in the head and heart center while holding a focused attention on the heart center.  As you continue sounding the note you will notice how your voice begins to produce a vibrational tone that matches the 639hz frequency. This activity produces a resonant field of energy that facilitates the alignment and fusion of the quaternary body system.  Once this is accomplished, a whole-body frequency and vibration is established that creates a ripple effect throughout the fourfold (quaternary) system, consciously and subconsciously. At this point we direct the energies of the spiritual Triad, by an invocation directed into and through the etheric body, focusing on the synthesis and fusion of the lower forms (physical, mental, and emotional). This method is not meant to clear or purify the lower threefold forms, as this is a fusing technique and a unique method of activating the seven head centers.

  • The Practice

    Our first conscious act is the invocation of the Spiritual Triad;
    I invoke the Spiritual Triad,
    the Atmic,
    and Manasic, Light and Rays,
    May the Light and Rays of the Triad enhance, expand, and strengthen the antahkarana bridge of light, leading to and connecting with the divine Self (Monad)
    OM, OM, OM

    Holding the focus on the head center, visualize the antahkarana completely connected to the etheric body, using whatever means you have developed in your practice.

    In the following aspect of this practice we visualize the qualities and essence of the Triad showering the lower forms through the etheric body, assisting in the synthesis and fusion of these bodies into “One Strand of Loving Energy”.

  • As each aspect of the spiritual Triad is invoked, in the following practice, each of the three OM's represent one of the lower forms, i.e., OM visualize the physical body, OM visualize the emotional body, OM visualize the mental body.

    I invoke the Amtic, Light and Ray to shower the etheric body, anchoring divine Will into the head center, and irradiating the mental, emotional, and physical bodies with divine Will.
    OM, OM, OM

    I invoke the Buddhic, Light and Ray to shower the etheric body, anchoring Wisdom-Love into the heart center, and irradiating the emotional, mental, and physical bodies with Wisdom-Love
    OM, OM, OM

    I invoke the Manasic, Light and Ray to shower the etheric body, anchoring Active Intelligence into the throat center and irradiating the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with Active Intelligence, synthesizing the four lower forms into "One Strand of Loving Light",  (see these bodies fusing into one form)
    OM, OM, OM

    Consciously visualize the head, heart, and throat centers fuse into one sphere of radiant loving light. (This can be facilitated by envisioning all three centers contained within a channel of white light.)
    OM, OM, OM

    Recite the Great Invocation – Visualizing the hearts and minds of humanity becoming illuminated with Wisdom-Love

    From the point of Light within the Mind of God
    Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God
    Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Christ return to Earth.

    From the center where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men—
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the center which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

    When finished, repeat "And Thus It Is”, three times.
    OM, OM, OM.

  • At the close of your meditation, invoke a shower of violet light from the Seventh Ray into all the lower forms.  Visualize all aspects of the threefold personality as they become irradiated, through the etheric body, in the divine energy of synthesis emanating from the Seventh Ray.

    Recite the Affirmation of Love

    In the center of all Love I stand.
    From that center I, the soul, will outward move.
    From that center I, the one who serves, will work.
    May the love of the divine Self be shed abroad,
    in my heart, through my group, and throughout the world.

    OM, OM, OM.

    Sit in quite solitude for 5-10 minutes and contemplate upon your spiritual path and allow yourself to be open to insights as they unfold.

    Be at Peace.