Planetary Outposts
Planetary Outposts

The Centennial General Assembly of the Spiritual Hierarchy - 2025

As we near the end of the present cycle often referred to as “The Stage of the Forerunner”, the Spiritual Hierarchy of planet Earth prepares for their 100-year General Assembly. This will mark a progressive stage in the externalization of the Hierarchy and a passing through of a great cycle of activity for the Chohans, Master, initiates, world disciples, disciples and aspirants affiliated with the Hierarchy.

In early 2025 the Ray of Harmony will begin its swing into activity and we, at Planetary Light, are conscious of this transition and are preparing to aid those aligned with the coming shift in consciousness. Our focus will be on establishing a network that supports the formation of groups dedicated to world service. This global initiative will identify points of light, Planetary Outposts, that support the ongoing evolution of humanity into Christ Consciousness.


The Transition/Shift

Humanity is now experiencing the initial stages of the planetary pralaya foretold by the Illuminated Ones and their disciples. This is the systematic dissolution of the Piscean energies which will allow the higher frequencies, of the Aquarian Age, to pour forth and be available for full integration into the consciousness of humanity. Through the releasing of attachments, (to no one thing) the integration of these higher frequencies and the embodiment of the Monad, with the conscious anchoring of the Spiritual Triad, will come to fruition. As a result of these activities many of earth’s teachers, way showers, disciples and adepts will find themselves at the altar of initiation preparing for entry into one of the many Ashrams of the Ascended Masters.

To assist in the clarification of the arc of one’s Soul, its sphere of activity, and the alignment with a Masters Ashram, a reflection and study upon the Seven Paths, knowledge of the three Rays influencing one’s path, as outlined in the Ageless Wisdom, will prove beneficial. Keeping in mind that each Soul has total and complete free will and is not bound by its outline.