Wheel of Fire - The teachings of the Tibetan

This meditation provides each an opportunity to assist humanity and to become a living center of Light and Love. 

The use of our imagination is the doorway to a greater understanding of our Soul and the teachings of the Masters.

Golden WheelIn your imagination see a golden seven spoke wheel. By concentrating on this image, allow it to be completely absorbed into your memory.

Now visualize the golden seven spoke wheel as it becomes ignited with brilliant flames. See these flames as they become activeWheel of Fire and dance upon and around the spokes and outer rim of the wheel. Stay with this image until it is a part of your active imagination.




Center of FireSee as the flames transform the seven spoke wheel into a dynamic living thought form. Now place yourself in the center of this wheel and become the hub. As you blend with this dynamic form, use your imagination and see a ray of light projecting from each of the spokes. Know that these rays are living light energy that you are broadcasting to all of humanity.