The Maze of Glamour and Illusion or the Illuminated Labyrinth leading to the Portal - The choice is clear!

Keys of Evolution - Ponder this....

We look upon these keys as the initial steps in reclaiming our spiritual inheritance and embracing the illumination process. When coupled with right thought, right speech, right action, and the internal impulses of the Soul they can and will provide a foundation for a Soul-infused personality, alignment with the spiritual Triad, and the transcendence of the three worlds.

This aspect of spiritual growth is the initial stage of awakening for the aspiring disciple of light. There is an inexhaustible desire for the acquisition of spiritual knowledge. The personality has now shifted its awareness from the lower aspects of the mind to the abstract mind and has embraced the personal program that supports self-consciousness. All systems are on high alert and the acquisition of knowledge is paramount. The challenge now facing the aspiring disciple is finding their way through the labyrinth of earthly experience. The ideologies of separation, materialistic gain, individualism, and limitation are now under serious review and must be overcome. During this stage, there is the danger of being trapped or lost in the complexities of the maze. It is imperative that the aspiring disciple discovers the mechanisms and tools to consciously connect with their Soul and not become ensnared in the false teachings that have saturated the spiritual community. Should these steps be consciously undertaken, the personality realizes soul-consciousness and moves into the next stage.


The second stage now becomes an integral part of the daily life of the chela of light. Meditation, the mechanism for contact with the Soul, is now a vital part of their daily lives. They have integrated and are responsive to the impulses of the Soul, have acquired sufficient knowledge through discrimination and discernment and are conscious of the need to release all emotional, mental, and physical attachments. A major part of this spiritual realization is the avoidance of belief systems, spiritual teachers, and discordant energies (karma) that tether them to the three worlds. The Soul now becomes the teacher, guru, preacher, and guide as the feet of the disciple are now firmly placed upon the path of light. This is supported in a statement that Buddha pointed his disciples to in his final sermon: "Be a lamp unto yourselves. Hold fast to the Truth as a lamp. Look not for refuge in anyone beside yourselves." Dharma is now the driving force behind their actions and the disciple begins to experience an internal vibration of group consciousness

With this group consciousness comes a realization of an expanded aspect of Self. The realization that the Soul was only the first step in their spiritual unfoldment of Self as it opens to a beautiful new field of study. Now the Soul-infused personality embarks on a quest into the realms of the Solar Angel and Monad. This quest takes them to the threshold of the Antahkarana bridge of light, also referred to as the Rainbow Bridge of Light, and the Spiritual Triad where they begin the integration of Christ Consciousness.

The third stage marks a significant shift for the Soul-infused personality. They have become familiar with the construction of the Rainbow Bridge of Light and have followed the inner promptings to merge into or form a spiritual group whose focus is service to humanity.  This is accomplished through the connections they have made in the spiritual community and the use of their intuition. The essential foundation in the creation of group consciousness provides inclusivity, on all levels, of all its members. The leader is appointed from the group and will assist the group, in the establishment of the group’s vibration, purpose, and creation of its center.  

As the group becomes a cohesive center of light, they align with one of the seven Ashrams and become sensitive to and begin working with the divine energies emanating from the Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballa. The notes associated with these energies are Unity, Right Human Relations, Brotherhood and Goodwill. 

From the realms of light comes the message, “Let the work move forward with Love”.