A Fundamental Group Approach 
Externalization of the Hierarchy – Keynotes – Law of Vibration

As you may know, the keynotes emanating from Shamballa, through the heart of Hierarchy, are the resonate notes of Unity, Right Human Relations, Brotherhood, and Goodwill. These keynotes are the foundational precepts for the spiritual framework guiding humanity on their evolutionary path and the fulfillment of the Plan. The application of these keynotes, in relationship to the group process, is being orchestrated by the New Group of World Servers, throughout the globe, effecting change on all levels of consciousness, thus creating an expansion of the groups sphere of activity. Each of these keynotes have an inclusive quality that enhances and expands upon the activities facilitated by the group and furthers the preparation of the Coming One.

This inclusive quality, radiating from the center of each keynote is based on the Law of Vibration, a universal principle affecting all of creation, and the second Aspect of Divinity. As each group introduces one of the keynotes, into the group process, their resonate field expands, impacting other keynotes and enhancing the vibration in all areas. A vital aspect related to this process is the increased volume of force being directed through the group by the overshadowing Ashram. As each group takes on a more expansive role, it is necessary for a greater influx of energy for the group to accomplish its goals. This basic spiritual concept permeates the energetic field of the group, ushering them to the threshold of initiation.

There are significant benchmarks that herald the incoming energies of transmutation, transformation, or transfiguration related to initiation for the individual and group. These can be esoterically interpreted as, “Taking Birth Within”, “Surrounded by a Crowded Loneliness”, and “Standing in Isolated Unity”, respectively. These interpretations have a broad descriptive and esoteric meaning that contain a profound reflection on the evolutionary path of the group and individual. These benchmarks are worthy of your reflection and consideration.

The above-mentioned keynotes, the expanded consciousness of humanity, and the increased frequencies have accelerated the externalization of the Hierarchy. The veil is rent in twain, the envoys are now taking the world stage, their message embodies the keynotes as expressed through the “Doctrine of the Soul”, LOVE.