Path of Return
Quaternary Purification 

In the following approach, we would like to present a unique technique of using sound frequencies, the sacred word, and the resonant vibrations created by the voice as tools for transformation. This transformation is the preparatory stage for becoming a conscious member of the New Group of World Servers and establishing yourself as an emmisary of light within the seven kingdoms.

Explanation and intention: This introduction to the Path of Return meditative series provides the student an opportunity to begin the clearing and initial stages of aligning the Quaternary system in preparation for the personality to awaken to the Soul and the conscious creation of a Soul-infused personality. This frequency introduction can be done daily as an accompaniment to your already established spiritual practices. It is recommended that this introductory approach be utilized for a full month before moving onto the Alignment Stage. This allows the Quaternary Bodies an opportunity to become consciously purified and integrated.

 The Quaternary - the mental, emotional (astral), physical, and etheric bodies. 

Items needed for this technique include:
Solfeggio frequency 639hz - FA - Color of Green - This is the resonant frequency of the Earth and aligning the Quaternary Bodies with this frequency begins the purification process. We have placed a video containing the frequency below, however, we recommend the purchase and download of the 639hz frequency for home use.
audio playing device
headphones or earbuds
japa mala - Used to count repetitions of the mantra, 108, 54, or 27.
You can experiment with the use of a mala to help in counting the mantras during your meditation. A full mala is 108 beads, a half mala is 54 beads, and a wrist mala is 27 beads. 


The Sacred Word
We have introduced one aspect of the sacred word in our Path of Return – Column of Light meditation to provide the serious aspirant, along the path, a means of purification, clearing and healing. When the sacred word is sounded with intent it has a disruptive effect on crystalized matter held within the mental, emotional, and physical bodies shattering the crystalized matter into relatively small particles. This matter can then be cleared, and the bodies revitalized by sounding the sacred word a second time with spiritual intent. These actions combined with the frequencies offered in the meditative technique, provide a holistic approach in purification of the quaternary bodies in preparation of aligning and anchoring the Soul.


Purification of the Quaternary

  • Invocation

    1) Begin by invoking the Soul by using the Soul Mantra.

    I Am the Soul,
    I Am the Monad,
    I Am the light divine,
    I Am Love,
    I Am Will,
    I Am fixed design.

  • Column of Light

    2) Place yourself in a sitting position with feet crossed. By crossing your feet, you close the loop in your energetic field, allowing full integration of the frequencies that you will invoke and experience during this meditative practice. See yourself surrounded by a rarefied sphere of light, that completely supports and protects during the meditative process.

    State that all psychic and astral energies and entities be removed from your space and only the highest Light and Love be present. Breathe in the light, contained within this sphere of light, until you feel relaxed and open to receive.

    Visualize a Column of White Light, passing through your sphere of light, and rigidly connecting into the Heart of Source and firmly grounded in the center of the Earth.  To enhance this connection, visualize yourself journeying up the column of light and lovingly anchoring your awareness within Source and allowing light from the Heart of Source to accompany you on your return. See the light that has accompanied you on your return as it blends with the light within your sphere and anchors into your heart center. Repeat this process with a journey to the heart of the earth. See the energy rising from the earth as it pours through this Column of Light and anchors into your heart center.

    By completing this aspect, you successfully create a concentrated point of light within a greater light and place yourself in balance with the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother within.


  • The Word

    3) Listen to the provided frequency music video below, preferably through headphones. Allow the fourfold bodies to align with the music enhanced 639Hz frequencies by sitting in quietness for five minutes and listening. The first step is the conscious alignment with the 639Hz frequency and the verbal toning OM or AUM. As each Soul has a frequency, relative to their evolution, they will be drawn to one of these expressions of creation.

  • Alignment

    4) When the five minutes have elapsed, continue listening to the music enhanced 639Hz frequency and begin experimenting by toning the mantra OM or AUM to see which expression fits to your personal vibration. After determining which expression is best suited to your vibration, continue to verbally sound the note. As you sound the note, be aware of vibrational shifts and any changes within the body, with close attention to the vibrational patterns that develop in the heart center while holding a focused attention on the heart center.  As you continue sounding the note you will notice how your voice begins to produce a vibrational tone that matches the 639Hz frequency. This activity produces a resonant field of energy that facilitates the clearing and initial stages of aligning the Quaternary body system.  Once this is accomplished, a whole-body frequency and vibration is established that creates a ripple effect throughout the fourfold (quaternary) system, consciously and subconsciously. Continue this process for 15-20 minutes or if using a mala, until you have completed the number of mantras using your mala.

  • 5) At the close of your meditation, invoke a shower of light from the Soul, Spirit and Monad. See as all aspects of the fourfold personality; mental, emotional (astral), physical, and etheric bodies as they become irradiated in divine energy.

    Repeat "Om Mani Padme Hum" three times. As you repeat this mantra, focus on the heart center and the resonant frequencies.

    6) Sit in quite solitude for 5-10 minutes and contemplate upon your spiritual path and allow yourself to be open to insights as they unfold.

    Be at Peace