Shasta Trinity Ashram

Mt Shasta New Group of World Servers

We would like to welcome you to our group landing page and provide some background information that will shed some “Light” on our process.

Maha Chohan Master RákócziThe initial formation of our group began in 2007 with a few dedicated and committed Souls that responded to a call emanating from the heart of Hierarchy. These dedicated Souls made a firm commitment to meet every Wednesday with a fixed intention of being in service to humanity. They spent anywhere from one to two hours invoking the light of Hierarchy through various mantras, invocations, decrees, and affirmations that directed energy into the four lower kingdoms with a special emphasis on our beloved planet, the animal kingdom, the deva and elemental helpers, and the abatement of discordant energies saturating the earthly plane.

As the work continued, the group would see its members come and go, however, the core members would hold the formation and continue the world service activities. The original members of the group, called the Violet Fire Circle, would maintain the group approach until 2020 when new members became drawn to the group inspired by their mission, outward expression of love for humanity, and undying commitment to world service.

These new members assisted in nurturing a radiant seed, held within the heart of the original group, that opened a new approach to world service thereby strengthening the group's relationship to Hierarchy, while holding to the original vision of working with the elementals, devas, and the healing of our beloved planet. During the full moon of June 2021, the group met at Mt Shasta to reflect on their work and build upon their group relationship.

As the new group began to coalesce, additional members were drawn to the work through the advanced teachings of the Triangles and Twelves global activities. This influx of new members inspired the group to establish a yearly Conclave, at Mt Shasta, during the full moon of June to assist in the anchoring and distribution of the energies of the Christ Festival in preparation of the externalization of Hierarchy and the reappearance of the Chosen One. This Conclave would become the catalyst for impressions emanating from Hierarchy leading up to the establishment of the Shasta Trinity Ashram, an aspect of the third Ray of Active Intelligence and Adaptability.

A member of our group, using advanced 3d imaging provided this rendering of Master Rákóczi, with Mt Shasta as a backdrop, in an attempt to renew an outdated perception of this beloved Master.