Collective Consciousness

"Truth is like a great rock which offers support and strength in a world of turmoil. All life yearns to know the truth, and it is the truth alone which can cure all mankind's anxieties and diseases, bestowing the peace and certitude of righteousness in exchange for unrest. All the worlds in all the universes - past, present and future - have been created so that the truth may come and make its home there."
- Lord Buddha.

 The new Aquarian age is upon us, and the integration of mankind warrants definite changes in technique though not, of course, in the most basic and spiritual goals of life. The following adjusted law of the new age should be clearly understood by awakening humanity: upon the understanding response to the collective needs of mankind will depend on the rapidity with which each individual will be enabled to achieve the next revelation and expansion of consciousness which is, for him, possible.

The word goes forth to the spiritual aspirants of today who are bound for success: lose sight of self in joint-endeavor, forget personal desire in group-activity, pass through the portal into new life in group-formation, and let the personality life be lost in the greater Life of spiritual inclusivity. Thus, the New Earth narrative of spiritual progress through collective service will be realized.

As we are moving forward into an era of greater intelligence, dogmatic belief and blind faith are becoming redundant in the revealing light of true understanding, direct knowing, and spiritual experience. The true and innermost impulse of mankind has ever been to serve and obey the Divine Self - the Spirit - and this issatoriSATORI beginning to be more widely appreciated today. In the past, however, this simple truth has been distorted by church authorities, extremists, fundamentalists, scholars, etc., and has produced the glamourous formulas of spiritual philosophy and religious theology. These formulas veil the Truth; they have been presented to the consideration of mankind in terms of personality devotions and of obedience to masters, leaders, deities, religious systems, and established organizations instead of service to the One Spirit in all. Such false presentations of the Ageless Wisdom must and will change in the Aquarian age, and it will be appreciated that spiritual insight, expanding vision, intelligent and positive control of one's destiny and the development of consciousness are the results of efforts made by using one's own initiative and intuition through the process of Soul-infusion.

Today, the appointed emissaries of many different interstellar alliances continue to incarnate upon the physical plane on Earth in merciful answer to the invocations and needs of humanity. They are presently finding their positions and will soon exemplify that the Law of Service is the governing law of the future for planet Earth. In past ages it has been the service of one's own soul, with the emphasis upon one's own individual salvation, that engrossed the attention of the spiritual aspirant; naught else was considered. Then came the period wherein the service of a spiritual master, or guru, and also of one's own soul, was considered of dominant interest; the master was served and duty to him emphasized, because thereby the salvation of the individual was aided. Now a new note is sounding forth in the world, the note of growth through the service of the race, through cultivated self-forgetfulness and through group-communion with the Divine. Teachers and gurus are not utilized today in the same unthinking and acquiescent way as in past times, for the Truth is now being sought and found directly within while in active group-service.

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