“Do not complain and cry and pray, but open your eyes and see, for the light is all about you, and it is so wonderful, so beautiful, so far beyond anything of which men have ever dreamt, for which they have ever prayed, and it is for ever and for ever.”
Lord Buddha

The Call

The Call has gone forth and the note has sounded!

An unprecedented global metamorphosis is now underway which is accelerating all-round human development, bringing major changes to Earthly life and will presently lift humanity into a new era of higher awareness.

It is hoped that this presentation of the plain truth of the times will inform and inspire its readers to venture forth from the drudgery of typical Earthly existence in order to find the portal that leads from the old world to the New, from death to Life, and from separation and suffering to the Transfiguration  which was promised to mankind ages ago, and which can today be realized by every sincere and intelligent person.

Most people in the world currently respond positively only to teachers and teachings that arouse their imagination and stimulate their illusions. The unadorned truth, however, does not do this; if it did it would only present yet another impediment to real spiritual progress. This internet site is the result of an earnest and one-pointed endeavor to unveil the complete and unpretentious truth of that which is relevant during today's dawning Aquarian age.

The sincere seeker of truth has no interest in considering anything less than the relevant, dependable, and authentic facts. In being dedicated to the truth, we do not care to allure supporters of our vision by disseminating pleasing half-truths, platitudes, attractive and fashionable marqueeexaggerations or vague euphemisms that may encourage misguided zeal and excitement, or which might contribute toward misunderstanding.

We, therefore, share a message of love that it might give pause, to those still tethered to glamour and illusion, and spark a fire of inspired inquiry.  The exercises, meditations, and instructions expressed, on this site, are intended to provide simple yet powerful ways to transform the personality (ego) and realize our divine origins. The content of this site is based on the Ageless Wisdom and has been synthesized to meet the need of the Aquarian energies. 

We shall be posting content soon.

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