World Invocation

Group Consciousness

Humanities Opportunity for Expanded Consciousness

Emerging LightEmanating from a point of light, within the Galactic Core, energies stream forth impacting earth and humanity. When observed from the perspective of the personality they are sensed as waves of energy without clear definition. The Soul’s perception of these energies is envisioned as a multifaceted prism of living light, holding a vast array of unlimited potential. These energies mirror the breath of the Soul, with the in-breath, the retention breath, and out-breath being calm, even, and measured with intention and purpose. As these energies wash across the consciousness of humanity it is sensed as a wave emanating from a great ocean of Love, never static, ever in a state of movement. To the spiritually conscious personality these waves contain frequencies that cannot be defined in human words, their essence radiating a distant knowing, sparking sacred symbols to appear in the peripheral awareness and birthing an expanded state of consciousness.

As the in-breath is felt in the minds of humanity, there is a sense that the old is being withdrawn, that which gave purpose to life no longer has the power it once had, and old ways of perception seem pointless as realities begin to shift and transmute. For the personality working towards Illumination, the shroud of the personal program dissipates into the etheric realms and the individual mission becomes blurred.

As the retention breath is held, for that briefest of moments, an uncertainty breaks on the horizon and the spiritually minded One senses the shift in energies and journeys deep into Ones-Self, in search of answers that provide comfort and balance. Upon returning the awareness to the three worlds the aspirant discovers that all is held within a protective sphere of light, much like a chrysalis, awaiting transformation.

As the out-breath gently breaks upon the consciousness of humanity there is a response of joyful celebration as the tide of energy floods the planet and a new reality begins to take shape. Those lost in glamour and illusion return to the ancient wisdom, discovering the simple truth within and synthesizing it with the new energies, birthing a more inclusive approach to Brotherhood, Unity, Right Human Relations and Goodwill. The opportunity for illumination and transfiguration widens as humanity moves, collectively, into an expanded state of harmony embracing divine Wisdom-Love.

These new energies are now impacting the Planetary Light Bearers, World Servers, Light Workers, Ascension Guides and Way showers, with the in-breath, a withdrawing of the personal program and their sense of individual missions, the retention breath offering an opportunity for reflection and reorientation, the out-breath offering an opportunity to embrace group consciousness as an enhanced approach to World Service. This group consciousness provides expanded energies, not available to those still operating in the personal program, directed into the group by the Hierarchy and the opening of the doorway to group initiation and transfiguration.

Let the Sons and Daughters of Light acknowledge the energies impacting humanity, consciously move into and embrace group consciousness in preparation of the externalization of the Hierarchy and the Coming One.

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