Triune Heart Meditation

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 Triune Heart Mediation

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light. I offer this meditation as an introductory step in the synthesis of the Universal Heart energies pouring triune 1forth onto the earthly plain. Its origin is based upon the Rays of Divine Love-Wisdom, Divine Will and Beauty and Harmony through Conflict. These are the Rays that will be guiding humanity into the Aquarian Age. The symbol associated with the Triune Heart is centered upon a multifaceted, multidimensional awareness of the atom and the cellular structure of the physical form. It appears as a two-dimensional image within this presentation/perspective. However, when observed from a higher perspective it offers, the meditator, a multilayered view that is the very essence of our shift into the New Earth reality.

For those making the shift from self-consciousness into soul-consciousness, it will offer a connection to the Soul and an awakening to the Christ Light within. Elements found within this meditation also provide the initial steps in the construction of the antahkarana, “bridge of light”, associated with the Spiritual Triad of the Monad.

An important part of this meditation is knowing that you are a dynamic Divine energetic/ electric being of light.
We have included an audio track that may be used during the meditative process. (See below.)