No single idea belongs to any one individual or group, but originating from the inner or spiritual planes, they are a universal gift and the property of no one mind.

Site Moderator- Adonis

AdonisAdonis is an instrument for the transmission of the Universal Heart energies. These energies, a combined force of the three aspect Rays, Divine Will, Wisdom-Love and Active Intelligence, are stepped down by the Spiritual Hierarchy with an overshadowing from Sanat Kumara, earth’s planetary logos. Adonis’s intuitive knowledge guides him to fully engage a dynamic expression of light and can communicate impressions, received from the Realms of Light, with the group. This process is not considered channeling, nor does he use the channeling process.

Adonis becomes a conscious, crystal-clear, vessel for the expression of these aspect frequencies while the transmission is occurring. At the onset of the transmission he aligns with Christ Consciousness and allows the transmissions to flow in alignment with highest good of all. The frequencies contained within these transmissions can clear patterns contained within the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Once these lower density patterns have been transmuted, the individual will experience a raising and lifting activity to their minds, bodies, and consciousness. These transmissions offer a vibration of grace, illumination, and provide a greater sense of Divine Purpose. Once the transmission is complete there is an experience of Peace, Harmony, and Love.