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Adonis, let us provide a point of light that illuminates this name, its origin and usage. For those who have ventured deep into the Ageless Wisdom teachings, our loving brother, the Tibetan, describes this as the “hidden name egoic”, as expressed by the Monad. Although he admits that his description is abstruse, given the limitations of human understanding, it does offer a framework of reference. Additional information related to such a name can be found in the Bible, the book of Revelations 2:17.

Adonis is a conscious instrument for the transmission* of the Heart of the Sun energies. These energies, a combined force of the three aspect Rays, Divine Will, Wisdom-Love and Active Intelligence, are stepped down by the Spiritual Hierarchy with an overshadowing** from the Ancient of Days. For the disciple with knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom, these transmissions provide a foundation in understanding the “mysteries of electricity” and Shamballa Consciousness.

At the onset of the group alignment, he anchors the Christ Consciousness and allows the transmissions to flow, becoming a conscious, crystal-clear, vessel for the expression of these aspect energies, in alignment with highest good of all. Adonis’s intuitive knowledge guides him to fully engage a dynamic expression of light and can communicate impressions, received from the Hierarchy, with the group. These impressions are rarely expressed during the transmission, as the energy is the focal point of the group process.

* Reference – transmissions, The Rays and The Initiations, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, pages 689-691.
** Reference - overshadowing, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pages 749-758

Adonis is currently a member of the Violet Fire Circle of World Servers. This group of World Servers was implemented in 2006 after having initially being started as a group focused on the Divine Mother in the late 1990’s by Margaret Mary Flynn.

Margaret Mary continues to be the inspiration for the group’s direction and continued world service work. At the present, the group meets weekly to anchor thevioletfirecircle1Violet Fire Circle Link energies of the Hierarchy through invocation, mantrams, decrees, and prayer. This is accomplished by the conscious alignment of the group Soul, through the Group Radiation of Energy. For those interested in joining the Violet Fire Circle of World Servers or creating a World Service group using the outline followed by the Violet Fire Circle, please visit the site by clicking the image at the right.