The Quaternary Bodies

The Quaternary Bodies
Let us begin with a suggestion, based in the love of the divine Self, that will provide a foundation in which the personality may become Soul-infused. Develop a resolve to seek your answers from the Soul, during the quite reflection of meditation. It is here that all true and precise answers are found. External answers provided by, however meaningful, other Souls are often generated on personal experience and are emotionally based, neither of which will provide the necessary energy or force to resolve any given situation.

The journey to illumination requires an honest and sincere approach in the modification of the four bodies, identified below, that make up the complex system we refer to as the personality. The Souls’ personality undergoes an extreme metamorphosis during its earthly incarnation. It acquires a series of emotional conditionings, behavioral modifications, internal traumas, karmic events, and attachments, as well as past karmic inclusions that create a unique experience in the unfoldment and expression of the Soul. From the viewpoint of the Soul, they are not considered good or bad, just opportunities of learning and expansion.

In this series we offer methods and insights that assist in identifying, healing, and transcending the above stated life events and provide a window of opportunity for the personality to receive a greater infusion of light from the Soul, Solar Angel, and eventually the Monad.

As an integral part of the clearing process, we offer frequency (sound) enhanced meditations that are designed to create change within the Quaternary bodies. Additionally, Raja Yoga (right thought, right speech, right action) and research into the methods of light, and vibrational healing will benefit the serious aspirant along the path of Illumination.

As we begin work in one area of the personality, a corresponding vibration radiates outward affecting each of the others. Our goal is to align each or these bodies into one strand of light, enabling the Soul to blend seamlessly. Our investigation begins with research into the etheric body, as it contains a vital blueprint into the illumination process.

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