Seven Head Centers Outline

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The Seven Head Centers

Let us begin by expressing the importance of reflection and contemplation upon a teaching, be it the following information or any other, as it relates to the alignment with the Soul and ultimately the Monad. We advise that the aspirant reflect on the concepts offered, followed by contemplation during their meditative practice, allowing the Soul to provide guidance.

We offer the following concepts as a basic understanding of the seven energy centers within the head. As each aspirant journeys into expanded states of consciousness, a wider and more comprehensive understanding will unfold. There exist several interpretations of what is being presented, some of which may cause confusion or misunderstanding. Our world is filled with glamour and illusion on this topic as well as other teachings, as such, we recommend constant discernment and discrimination. Hence, the importance of reflection and contemplation during meditation, it is here that we find the truth and resolve any confusion.

Additionally, we do not encourage the attention or energetic focus on any one energy center, as this may cause an overstimulation or attrition of the center, hindering the natural unfoldment. The exercises offered in the following information is not considered to be a direct focus on any one center, it is simply an observation of energy as it circulates through a triangle of force activated by the meditative process and right activity.

If there is to be an active focus upon any aspect of the form, let it be directed upon the etheric form, as this is the instrument that will deliver the life-giving force for transmutation, transformation, and transfiguration. By focusing on the energy, pranic, planetary, or cosmic, moving through the etheric form we can attune the related three aspects of form and precipitate radiant health, balance, and harmony. This is an additional topic that may prove beneficial to those on the Path of Return.

The first three centers (A, B, C) represent the Sahasrara Triad, and are related to and are fully activated upon the anchoring of the Monad. As the Light of the Monad blends with the Soul these centers become active as a natural unfoldment. There is information concerning these centers, however, they have no relevant application until there has been a conscious connection to the Monad.

  1. Bindu -
  2. Sahasrara
  3. Guru

chakra id 1Click here - Animation of the Seven Centers in the Head
As an active part of the information presented below, we have included a form meditative technique that has been offered by our Beloved Brother of Light, Master Djwhal Khul. (Please see accompanying supportive form meditation at the right.) This meditative technique mentions the seven head centers and offers a method of “form meditation" that will accelerate the active movement of energy, indicating an advanced state of consciousness and a conscious interaction with the Christ Self and that of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The activation and beneficial aspects of what is being presented is a natural process and there is no need to focus on any of the centers. Having the knowledge and the right application of these basic concepts, using the triangles visualization, will assist in the transformation of One’s awareness and lay the foundation for the antahkarana bridge of light.

Each of the seven energy centers in the head and their relationship to the seven greater energy centers located in the etheric body, finding expression in the physical form, are presented below.