Emergence - Conflict/Crisis

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Dark Night of the Soul

Let us begin by stating that truth is relative and is perceived and received by each being relative to their state of consciousness. That which Is presented, on this site, is a simple offering intended to assist in the expansion of that state of awareness and should, as always, be taken into the stillness (meditation) and contemplated, allowing guidance from the Soul. We support this approach to all spiritual teaching that is currently being offered to those seeking contact with the Soul.

As the energies, frequencies, and activations pouring forth from the Spiritual Hierarchy and that of the Planetary and Solar Logos continue to impact humanity, many beings are beginning to wake up and are experiencing an inner directive pointing to the Arc of the Soul. The Arc of the Soul is referred to as the Souls sphere of activity and point of evolution. For some, the directives are clear, and the path becomes self-evident. However, for some it involves additional impulses from the Soul to assist the personality in moving along a path that supports the evolutionary process.

When attachment to the materialistic aspects of the three worlds becomes a hindrance, the Soul begins to impress, upon the personality, a series of conflicts or crisis’s that are meant to assist in the initial and secondary phases of awakening. These events are a vital part of the evolutionary process and provide a unique tool for the re-orientation and transition from self-consciousness to soul-consciousness.

These conflicts can range from a gentle nudge to what is has been referred to as the “Dark Night of the Soul”. Each providing the perfect catalyst for personal transformation. As a result of these conflicts/crisis appearing in a person’s life there exists a tension, much like a rubber band, that will continue to be present until the conflict/crisis is resolved.

If the personality can surmount the conflict/crisis and resolve the situation, the tension contained within is displaced and is able to be used as a tool for emergence into a higher state of consciousness. This is accomplished by allowing the tension to catapult ones-self, much like a sling-short affect, into an expanded awareness of your surroundings and possibilities just on the horizon.

If left unresolved it can be detrimental, to the evolutionary process of the personality, and becomes a prison of our own making. Therefore, let us always reflect on these conflicts/crisis as a blessing and allow them to be a divine opportunity for growth.