The Path of Return - A Word of Caution

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Glamour & Illusion - A Cautionary Point of Light

 Wherever we look today within the spiritual supermarket there is restlessness, glamour and excitement, an eager pursuit for self-liberation, self-empowerment or 'ascension' from this world, the practice of low-grade psychism and an anxious fleeing from pain and responsibility - all in the name of spirituality.

As the long-prophesied influx of new light continues to enter our world, darkness is necessarily accentuated, and today the dawningillusion light of the new Aquarian age is throwing shadows in all directions. The result? A great plethora of exaggeration, misinformation, and imitation spirituality.

As stimulating psychic forces are being released and made available to mankind on an unprecedented scale, the unsuspecting, hasty, and unenlightened are exhibiting their new abilities with remarkable alacrity, prematurely stepping forward to inaugurate themselves to the general public as spiritual teachers, healers and masters of wisdom.  Many of the earth’s spiritual teachers, shrouded in the Piscean energies and crystalized patterns of old, have unwittingly, directed these energies to draw students into their teachings by tapping into the student’s emotional desires and offering other worldly expansions. This has given rise to a pattern wherein the student is continually seeking validation outside of ones-Self, becoming dependent upon the teacher and ever awaiting the next divine workshop or cosmic activation.

glamourThese new teachers often offer fake spiritual gems that may appear to sparkle in the beginning, but soon fade and become lackluster, along with the temporary satisfaction which may have been initially gleaned from them, while simultaneously they serve only to lead aspirants further and further away from the simple Truth.

Many of these teachers will require continued participation in their teachings, workshops, or classes for you to achieve ‘ascension’, promising galactic, cosmic, and other worldly activations, through a plethora of portals. However, they do not provide the essential tools to deal with every day challenges facing humanity in these times of great change. It may be well worth your time to reflect on who is really benefiting from these various activities.

The true teachers of the Aquarian age will provide simple teachings that direct the student on an inward journey of Self-discovery and Illumination.  They have no interest in making a name for themselves, developing a following or charging a fee for their services.  It is understood that by assisting another Soul, they are ushering in a new way of being and assisting humanity on a global level.

Be at Peace.