Sacred Geometry

Melchizedek MethodThe teachings surrounding sacred geometry was initially introduced by Alton Kamadon, the founder of “The Melchizedek Method”. He was responsible for anchoring, into the planetary grid, the vibration of The Kamadon Order of Mastery of Unconditional Love. This was the introductory frequencies for the Aquarian energies of Universal Love, now saturating the earthly plane.

 As an initiate in the Order of Melchizedek he provided teachings centered around working with sacred geometry. These teachings provided an outline for working with energetically charged shapes rotating around the body motivated into action by the Fibonacci ration spiral.

The Melchizedek method of ascension entailed much more than a light body activation. It is a holistic approach identifying a vibrant new formula for aligning the three-fold personality with Soul, cleansing the auric field of psychic energies, resolving past and present karma, and bringing harmony into one’s life in preparation for spiritual ascension.

There is but one race - the human race
There is but one man - Godman
There is but one life - Godlife
There is but one mind - Godmind

These images are provided as an introduction to these teachings, much of which has been lost to humanity. However, there shall be a revival of these teachings and a new resurgence to awaken the Order of Melchizedek for the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment.

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