Conclave of the White Magicians



Conclave of the White Magician - An Assembly of Planetary Light Bearers 
Evening of June 10, 2025, Mt. Shasta


Planetary Light Bearer


 A gathering of Planetary Light Bearers, overshadowed by Sanat Kumara, will act as instruments for the activation and strengthening of the Planetary Antahkarana bridge of light. This gathering of Light Bearers will constitute a spiritual response, on behalf of an awakened humanity, to the clarion call emanating from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

As World Servers and Disciples of Light, we are cognizant of the note emanating from the mind of the Great Council of Shambhala and the heart of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In recognition and acknowledgement, of this note, we respond by offering the notes radiating from our Souls and consciously create a grand orchestra of light designed to benefit humanity. This shall be a time when all self-concerns are placed to the side and the focus is directed upon the precipitation of light and love into the hearts and minds of humanity under the divine guidance of the Ancient of Days and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

In the conscious anchoring of energy through the Antahkarana bridge of light, there are key points, under consideration, that enable the aspirant in becoming an instrument for the distribution of divine force originating from the Cosmic Monadic plane. A vital aspect of this process requires that the aspirant be able to come from a point of non-attachment, divine dispassion, and comprehend the meaning behind “standing in isolated unity”, for it is only here that the White Magician works in harmony with the divine Plan.

Additional information will be forth coming.

"Let the magician stand within the sun, looking from thence upon the ball of earth.  From that high point of peace serene let him sound forth the words that will create the forms, build worlds and universes and give his life to that which he has made.  Let him project the forms created on the mountain top in such a way that they can cleave the clouds which circle round the ball of earth and carry light and power.  These shall dispel the veil of forms which hide the true abode of earth from the eye of the beholder." 
(The Tibetan, A Treatise on White Magic.)