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Path of Return
Quaternary Alignment pathofreturn

In the following approach, we would like to present a unique technique of using sound frequencies and the resonant vibrations created by the voice as tools for transformation.

Explanation and intention: This introduction to the Path of Return meditative series provides, the student, an opportunity to align the Quaternary system in preparation for the personality to awaken to the Soul and the conscious creation of a Soul-infused personality. This frequency introduction can be done daily as an accompaniment to your already established spiritual practices. It is recommended that this introductory approach be utilized for a full month before moving onto Stage 1. This allows the Quaternary Bodies an opportunity to become consciously integrated.

After completing this introduction to the Path of Return meditation and you are directed, by your Soul, to continue, there are three additional Stages offered that you may find beneficial in your spiritual growth. (These Stages will be  posted soon.)

The Quaternary; the mental, emotional (astral), physical, and etheric bodies. For more information on the purification of these bodies, please refer to the Quaternary Bodies page.(Under construction.)

Items needed for this technique include:
Solfeggio frequency 639hz - FA - Color of Green - This is the resonant frequency of the Earth and aligning the Quaternary Bodies with this frequency begins the purification process. We have placed a video containing the frequency below, however, we recommend the purchase and download of the 639hz frequency for home use. If this example, of the frequency, does not fit your vibration, there are several others available.
audio playing device
headphones or earbuds
japa mala - Used to count repetitions of the mantra, 108, 54, or 27.
You can experiment with the use of a mala to help in counting the mantras during your meditation. A full mala is 108 beads, a half mala is 54 beads, and a wrist mala is 27 beads.