Velocity of Light Transmission

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Velocity of Light Transmissions – Session 1– *8/05/2019 10:30 a.m.
Dear Ones,
We greet you with a message of Divine Light and Love. We are a collective group of Souls from the Great White Lodge of Sirius. As an extension to this message we send forth a seed of light, that you might fully awaken, know your Soul and allow the Divine Light within to work its Magic.

Our message begins with an outline of two Divine energies, as recorded in the Great Halls, that have manifested to assist humanity during its many cycles. It is a story of the birthing and growth of two Divine expressions of the Eternal One. These Rays of Light/Energetic Streams, representing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, are known as the Sophia and Mahatma energies.

These two Divine expressions of the Eternal One have left their influence on humanity, by awakening and activating many Souls, in this cycle and those of the past. A large group of these Souls, during this cycle, were called into service by an overshadowing of these Divine Energies and have started their service as; Avatars, Oracles, Transmitters, Collaborators, Energetic Channels, Cosmic Walk-ins, Receivers and World Alpha OmegaServers. Each of these Souls are aligned to a specific frequency contained within these Divine Energies and offer a specific signature or vibrational essence. These signatures cover a wide spectrum of abilities that are expressed through the Soul. Those Souls who are consciously working with these energies can be found in all aspects and areas of service. Still, others are called to serve as energetic channels, activators or transmitters directing the Divine energy to awaken their brothers and sisters.

We would like to acknowledge, the many Souls who are aligned with these energies and who have chosen to complete this service in quiet solitude. These Souls are known as the faceless ones. They have aligned their personality with their Soul and are using their instrument as an anchoring and transmitting device for the welfare of humanity, the Earth and all the beautiful creatures.

Now that the Divine Light of Sophia (Divine Love-Wisdom) and Mahatma (Divine Will) are completely integrated into the matrix of Light, in and around planet earth, a corresponding Impulse of Light is moving through the Universe. This Impulse of Light is known as the Universal Heart Energies and is being brought forth by our Beloved Brother of Light, Adonis.  This Divine energy/force is enveloping your known Universe and will be reaching its zenith, on the earthly plane, during the full moon, June 2020 and will continue at full strength for two years. The Universal Heart energy is the cornerstone or the foundation for the blending and synthesizing of the Sophia and Mahatma energies into One dynamic energy; Universal Love.

This new frequency, referred to as the Velocity of Light transmissions, will provide humanity a greater expression and honoring of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. For those who have consciously aligned their personality with that of their Soul, a greater Light and energetic vibration will manifest into their awareness. This will be expressed by enhancing all aspects of each Soul’s current area of service. These Souls will bring forth a higher understanding of their profession and develop modalities that are in alignment with the Divine Blueprint for humanity.

Be Still and Know.

End of transmission packet.