Earth's Transition

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Velocity of Light Transmissions, Session 2 - *12-12-2019, 3:33 am

The coming Divine Epoch!

Beloved Children of Light. Our message, to all of humanity, originates from the sun Sirius and the collective Brotherhood of Light from the Great White Lodge. Our last transmission provided a seed that was placed into the awareness of humanity in preparation for this nurturing shower of Light and Love eternal. This transmission is in response to the invocation & evocation sent forth from the hearts and minds of humanity. The collective energy emanating from humanity reflects a desire for Self-realization and the return to their Divine Nature. Coinciding with this realization is the reappearance of the Christ and a resurgence for Unity, Sharing, Right Human Relations and Goodwill towards all upon earth.  

Throughout the many cycles of earth, in which humanity has participated, there comes a time when one cycle nears completion, and another begins. Such a time is now unfolding for humanity. The Piscean Age and the energies associated with this cycle is now receding, and the accelerated energies of the Aquarian Age are now streaming into the awareness of humanity and this solar system. This energetic shift will be initiated on the full moon of June 2020, as stated in our initial transmission. Much of humanity, whose heightened intuitional knowing and alignment with soul-consciousness, have experienced this on an energetic level and have accessed these frequencies to assist in the shift.

A major part of the shift, into the Aquarian Age, is the externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy into the earthly plane. There are those who have, for several decades, taken an earthly habiliment in preparation for the coming changes and are strategically placed throughout the earth, creating planetary outposts. These Beings of Light have a conscious knowing of whence they have come and embody Divine Love, Purpose and Will.  Each carry and transmits a resonant frequency, energetic force, that will assist humanity in the shift into the Age of Enlightenment and the fulfillment of the “Divine Epoch” upon earth. An integral part of this Divine Epoch is the preparation for the reappearance of the Christ. Religious leaders, organizations and those groups of Souls who have been working, so diligently, in the preparation for the Christ’s return will be contacted and helped in their ongoing efforts. These members of the Hierarchy will serve at the request of the people and not require monetary compensation for their services. Additionally, they will not desire nor encourage any attachment to their personality or to the creation of an organization surrounding their service to humanity.

These Beings, using the transmitted resonant frequencies, can dislodge and break down the subatomic particles associated with the Piscean energies that have created conditions, patterns and behaviors within the four-body system. This process, of clearing, will often create a series of crises, for the individual, that will lead to a greater ability to identify and release attachments within one’s life, ultimately leading to an emergence into a higher state consciousness.

Still others, from this group of the Hierarchy, are shrouded in the glamour and illusion of the Piscean energies and have yet to come into this knowingness. Their personalities have been led into accepting, by these Piscean energies, only a limited portion of their Divine origins. They can be identified by the energies that they transmit during their interaction with humanity and their individual service work. As the New Earth frequencies intensify, the mists of glamour and illusion will lift, and these Sisters and Brothers of the Spiritual Hierarchy will break free of the fourth dimensional constraints and tethers that confine their Divine essence.

A major challenge, for these members who have taken an earthly habiliment, is the alignment and fusion of their personality with the Spiritual Triad of the Monad. After they have completed this fusion they will have to actively work on the re-establishment, stabilization and resurrection of the antahkarana bridge of light. Successful completion of these steps will open telepathic communication with Shamballa, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity.

Under the loving guidance and overshadowing from the Avatar of Synthesis, the Christ and Lord Buddha, the prevailing energies guiding humanity into the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment are Divine Wisdom-Love, Divine Will and Harmony and Beauty through Conflict.  These Rays have had a prolonged impact on humanities evolution through the millennia and are now growing in strength. The strengthening of the Divine Will (aspect) and Harmony and Beauty through Conflict (attribute), will ultimately lead to the creation of a “Divine Epoch” and mark a historic time period for the earth and all of humanity.

The time has come for humanity to embrace the fifth dimensional energies and move out of self-consciousness into soul-consciousness.

Be Still and Know!