About Planetarylight

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PlanetarylightPlanetarylight.com was established, June 17th, 2019, at the conclusion of The Festival of Christ, as an “Open Source” portal to assist humanity in the anchoring and integration of the Soul. We are a collective group of Souls dedicated to providing exercises, meditations and concepts, transmitted from the Spiritual Hierarchy, that support the quickening of an Awakening Planet and assisting in the establishment of a "New Earth" narrative.

In the Divine Spirit of sharing we present this opportunity, for all of humanity, to experience and know the teachings being offered by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the awakening of the Christ Light within.

We would like to ask our sisters & brothers of light, who have contacted the Divine realms and have been shown ideals, concepts and practices, to share them with the global community. Your submissions and contributions are a blessing and an act of service to humanity. We only ask that the content submissions be free of individuals personal names and free of self-interests. All submissions will be considered “Open Source” to be downloaded and distributed freely by all of humanity. All images on this site are Open Source and can be downloaded and used freely.

This site’s architecture is based on open source software and coding. The architectural design provides an extensive array of modules, components, plugins and templates that allow unlimited options for content delivery. (Much like ourselves.)

May the Divine Plan manifest through our collective effort to serve humanity. So be it! And so, It Is!