• The Inner Temple

    The Inner Temple

    The Masters Ashram within.

  • Ageless Wisdom

    Ageless Wisdom

    The synthesis of an ancient teaching.

  • Meditation


    Awakening the Buddha within.
  • The Inner Doorway

    The Inner Doorway

    Anchoring the Divine Self

  • Sananda's Promise

    Sananda's Promise

    The Christ Light within.

  • Violet Merkaba

    Violet Merkaba

    Ceremonial Violet Merkaba - Seventh Ray

 “Do not complain and cry and pray, but open your eyes and see, for the light is all about you, and it is so wonderful, so beautiful, so far beyond anything of which men have ever dreamt, for which they have ever prayed, and it is for ever and for ever.”
Lord Buddha


IPSInstitute for Planetary Synthesis

Points of Light

  • Lucis Trust

    lucisTeachings of the Ancient Wisdom

  • Intergroup

    WORLDSERVICEINTERGROUPWorld Service Intergroup

  • IPS

    IPSInstitute for Planetary Synthesis

  • Share

    shareShare International